О корпорации A company with such a rich history as «Tsesna» Corporation has a lot of its own traditions. Among them are the annual awards of excellent employees with silver and golden badges of «Tsesna», «Tsesna-Olymp» traditional open sports competitions and many more.
Sports Tsesna «Tsesna» Corporation» JSC truly has its own Olympics — Tsesna-Olymp. Even it is held only on ten types of sport, a true Olympic fire is in the heart of its every participant.
Corporate Hall of FameWho are all these people? Without exaggeration — they are the pride of Tsesna. We recognize and value successes of every employee. You can be sure that the initiative will not be left unrecognized and every noble labour will be rewarded.
Articles and publications Nearly a quarter century of the Corporation’s development have been reflected in the hundreds, and even, perhaps, thousands of publications. Not all, but the most important and interesting recent articles and publications are represented here.
Corporate events Every traditional event is a another reason not only relax well, but «compare» notes, show corporate soul and ensure the unity of values that unite the team of the Corporation.
Philanthropy«Tsesna» Corporation» JSC pays a great attention to the issues of social responsibility, seeks to be attentive to the society’s interests, creates favorable business climate and supports significant projects in different spheres of social life.
Photo reports Sometimes it is better «to see once». Photoreports, represented in this section, will not only help to create a comprehensive view about particular events, but once again live them up with the participants.