«Tsesna» Corporation» JSC is a traditional source of good news. Diversity and scales of the business activity of «Tsesna» Corporation» JSC are strategically important in development of the country’s economy and they cover interests of a large number of people. New projects and activities, current enterprises, people who make decisions or work by the conveyer, capture the attention and interest of the society.

Holiday in “Tsesna” Corporation
For a quarter of the century a small enterprise has turned into the company of continental significance which was born at the turn of the centuries when the country was just making her first steps towards market relationships. Main decision and milestones during its development were told about by the Chairman of the Board of directors in “Tsesna” corporation S.P. Dzhaksybekov.
Faster! Higher! Stronger!
On the threshold of the 25th anniversary of "Tsesna" the editorial board of our newspaper is recalling the sporting life of the Corporation.
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From the 1st August 2016 you can send money for buying securities and getting money from the sale of securities by Tsesnabank, JSC at beneficial rates:

PRESS RELEASE: For the first time ever in Kazakhstan the subsidiary company of the Tsesnabank JSC, Tsesna capital JSC from May 03, 2016 started out with its «trading platform «Tsesna capital» simultaneously providing all main access channels to perform online trading at a local market

Future is being built now
The Message of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev “Kazakhstan 2050: Common objectives, common interests, common future” is being much discussed by all Kazakhstan society today. Deputies of the capital maslikhat do not stand aside and meet with their electors explaining to them the objectives and tasks set by the Head of State in front of the public.
“The pupils of the gymnasium №6 named after Y. Gurov were awarded on the eve of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The pupils notable for their intellectual and creative achievements were congratulated by the Deputy of Astana maslikhat Dzhaksybekov S.R. and “Tsesna” corporation" JSC in the person of the Chairman of the Board Yedenbayev Y.S.
Streets of a thousand trees
On 21 April 2012, as a lot of citizens, «Tsesna» Corporation» JSC Group's employees including the administration planted more than a thousand seedlings during a citywide Saturday work day in Astana.
Tai tai, or Step by step
Another year and a half ago first Tax Service and then the branch of «Kazakhstan Railways» JSC were located
A new season of «Tsesna-Olymp» is open!
The 8th series of «Tsesna-Olymp» games was open
Time to step forward
«Tsesna» Corporation» celebrated its 24 years anniversary since its founding.