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The deputy of maslikhat in Astana Serik Dzhaksybekov had a meeting with his electors

The Message of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev “Kazakhstan 2050: Common objectives, common interests, common future” is being much discussed by all Kazakhstan society today. Deputies of the capital maslikhat do not stand aside and meet with their electors explaining to them the objectives and tasks set by the Head of State in front of the public. Serik Dzhaksybekov has recently held a meeting with the staffs of the educational institutions in their district gymnasium № 6. The conversation turned out to be interesting and constructive.

The employees of kindergartens № 20, 29, 30, 41 and 51, school-lyceum № 15, children’s music school № 1, pupils and teachers of the gymnasium gathered in the assembly hall of the gymnasium.

Serik Ryskeldinovich told the staffs about the strategic objectives that were set up by the President in the message by 2050.

— According to the Message the objective is clearly defined — by 2050 Kazakhstan should become a member of 30 developed countries. It is a very serious and ambitious task. 30 most developed states are not just countries where the economy is well developed. They are countries in which all aspects of life have achieved considerable success. And I believe that the objective set in front of us is absolutely achievable, said Serik Dzhaksybekov.

He told about seven priority trends within the limits of which Kazakhstan should develop next five years. The whole period is divided into five-year plans until 2050. According to his words, the state has already reached a lot of heights in its development which the neighboring Central Asian countries have to go yet. Therefore, Kazakhstan is planning its future in the medium and long term perspectives.

— People of my age remember how the Soviet people had been building a communist society for over 70 years. We believed in this idea and worked for it. But, unfortunately , this path of development was not correct. And now all the decisions are correct, because the whole civilized world lives in this mode, the whole world works like this. Thus, we all need to work and solve new problems, said the deputy.

Serik Ryskeldinovich elaborated on one of the main trends of the message — gradual funding increase for specific scientific developments and discoveries for the country. According to his words, many today’s students are inventing their projects and programmes which may have a positive impact on scientific and technological progress in Kazakhstan in the future. Therefore, the government will fully support this trend.

— The importance of improving the efficiency of the national innovation system was also noted in the Message. Innovations are a movement forward, and this question will always be supported by the government, said Serik Dzhaksybekov in this connection.

The deputy made glad the gathered teachers by the government’s promise to increase their salaries. According to his words, a good teacher’s salary directly influences the efficiency and quality of education given by them.

The teachers also spoke at a meeting with the deputy. The teacher of History from the gymnasium № 6 Svetlana Kuznetsova shared her memories how a few years ago many Kazakh met “Strategy — 2030” with skepticism. And that today most of its tasks have already been implemented.

— Today we see another state, another country, society, values and opportunities. Those who believed that time have achieved a lot in their work today. So I would like to wish all of us to take constructively what our President is saying now and what will be done in the coming years, said Svetlana Kuznetsova.

At the end of the meeting Serik Dzhaksybekov thanked all the participants for their attention to the President’s Message and a new strategic course and wished the pupils to gather in the same hall in 2050 and talk about the progress they have made in Kazakhstan.

The next day, the deputy had a meeting with the staff of “Tsesna” Corporation" JSC to clarify the President’s Message “Kazakhstan — 2050”.

Photo by Aleksandr GONCHARENKO

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