PRESS RELEASE: For the first time ever in Kazakhstan the subsidiary company of the Tsesnabank JSC, Tsesna capital JSC from May 03, 2016 started out with its «trading platform «Tsesna capital» simultaneously providing all main access channels to perform online trading at a local market

Taking into account contemporary trends in the field of «online services» together with technological development of mobile facilities we are glad to offer our customers the trading platform «Tsesna capital» allowing to make security transactions anywhere in the world.

The trading platform «Tsesna capital» provides users with all necessary information concerning business accounts status, regular trading at the Kazakhstan stock exchange, including information on listing of financial instruments, behavior of values in a graph in a definite time period, provides an opportunity to adjust their list of financial instruments in a convenient order and a host of other things.

The trading platform «Tsesna capital» has been developed considering enhanced safety standards, internet connection has been performed via secure channel with the usage of security enforcement mechanism (protocol https and safety certificate SSL). Customer’s trade operations have been performed using the customer’s digital signature in full accordance with the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our quest for excellence and service quality increase has been reflected in support of all main access formats to the trading platform: either through computers or via mobile facilities and smartphone. In particular, our customers may choose one of the following convenient free of charge access versions:

            ·Desktop computer version: application download has been lodged at the official web site of the «Tsesna capital» JSC. Software has been downloaded to the customer’s personal computer. It is different for wider services of operations and browsing.

            ·A browser based version: HTML application has been placed at the official site of the «Tsesna capital» JSC. It permits to work with an application directly in a browser, without computer installation.

            ·Mobile version iOS-application has been an application providing to install the trading platform «Tsesna capital» at a mobile facility Apple through official e-commerce site APP STORE confirming that the application belongs to a Broker. You can lodge a command or an order through a mobile phone or pad, see your portfolio status of financial instruments and online money without computer.

            ·Mobile version Android-application has been an application providing to install the trading platform «Tsesna capital» at a mobile facilities of Android system through official e-commerce site GOOGLE PLAY confirming that the application belongs to a broker. You can lodge a command or an order through a mobile phone or pad, see your portfolio status of financial instruments and online money without computer.


            Special reduced fares of financial instruments transactions has been available for customers using the trading platform «Tsesna capital».

            As the Chief executive officer of the «Tsesna capital» JSC Balkenov Samat notes, «Following our successful activities concerning legal entities service being the company’s corporate customers in these letter dates we receive with ever increasing frequency requests, including requests on behalf of our corporate customers staff members to serve them as the Company’s private customers. Within this framework we have concluded to implement the trading platform proving online trade all at once through all main access capabilities on the analogy of leading world investment banks. Consequently we either answer the needs of our customers with proactivity or offer them the advanced possibilities to control their online accounts reflecting the Company’s strategic targets to become the number one company for our customers».

We permanently seek different ways to create favorable conditions for our customers, in the future we are planning to add functionality of the trading platform « Tsesna capital», consequently any of your comments or requests concerning system operation and rendered services will be important to us. You may address your further questions to the following contacts:

Customer service department of the «Tsesna capital» JSC, tel. +7 7172 472, 553, 554,

+7 7172 767-443 domestic phone 112, º102,




The «Tsesna capital» JSC has been the unique broker and investment company, its head office has been located in the city of Astana. We are among the five biggest broker companies in relation to capitalization at the end of 2015, we have been 100% subsidiary company of the Tsesnabank JSC, the third largest bank in the Republic of Kazakhstan considering our active assets. Among our customers there are the largest quasi-public companies, public monopolies and private companies.

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