О корпорации Despite the abundance of ideas, sometimes it is not easy to find projects suitable for funding. «Tsesna» Corporation implements a systematic work aiming to have actual and perspective offerings in its portfolio that can interest investors of any level.
Financial statementsThis section contains information that will help investors of «Tsesna» Corporation» JSC have a complete picture of the financial history fo the company.
Calendar of corporate events Information about planned events that can have an impact on the company’s development. Among these are: Board of Directors meetings, Shareholders meetings, publication dates of financial statements, results of audit and others.
Legal documents Apart from the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Code of Corporate Governance is among documents reglamenting business activities of «Tsesna» Corporation» JSC.
Prospectus of the securities Prospectus of the securities provides comprehensive information about the company’s securities. In addition, information about business direction, company’s capital, use of funds and risk factors.
Credit ratings Credit rating is an indicator of creditworthiness of financial institution. It is calculated based on financial history of the company, comparing ownership sizes and debt.
Affiliates Individuals and legal entities are affiliates who can have an impact on the Corporation’s activity. Among them: members of the Board of Directors and large shareholders.