The way “from the mill to the plate” or an excursion to the macaroni factory



The way “from the mill to the plate” or an excursion to the macaroni factory

On 6th April about 120 high school students of the metropolitan schools № 10, 18, 25, 27 visited the macaroni factory of the “Tsesna- Astyk Concern”. The Open Day was a great success. It revealed the secrets of the macaroni production and showed a possibility to choose an exciting and rewarding profession.

Before curious schoolchildren were allowed into the production workshop, the engineer of the macaroni factory Renat Kim and the HR-director Gulnara Kalenova had instructed the children about safety rules, told about the standards which were to be observed by all guests of the macaroni factory: each senior pupil was given a protective gown and shoe covers. The tour guides had to strain their voices in a noisy production so that they could explain working conditions and peculiarities of the huge machines to the guys.

The work of the macaroni factory employees is not easy, because they do not just feed people, but also make everything tasty and of high quality. So the experts are aware of everything about the macaroni! The process engineer Renat Kim lectured about the biological characteristics of durum wheat, about key indicators of grain quality and its processing, as well as about a “Rolls Royce” among solid grinding mills — Swiss equipment Buhler. Gulnara Kalenova, the HR-Director, told the pupils about the professions at the production which are in demand: they are short of skilled technicians, engineers, computer programmers with knowledge of foreign languages.

8 excursions had been held by the end of the day. Each guest of the Concern was given a packet of the most popular kinds of spiral-shape macaroni “Tsesna”. The guys were inspired with new horizons, got interested in education and qualifications of the Concern’s employees and promised to think of choosing an engineering profession.

Putting heart and soul into every business which is taken up by “Tsesna- Astyk” Concern", it has established itself as a socially responsible company . Annually the company holds about 30 events in the format of Open Days for schoolchildren, employees of Embassies and diplomatic missions, foreign and domestic partners.

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