Online version of «Info-Tses», №1 newspaper in Astana, is gaining its popularity



Online version of «Info-Tses», №1 newspaper in Astana, is gaining its popularity

Ahead of time, the first online version of «Info-Tses», a capital weekly newspaper was created more than ten years ago. Few visitors of the web-site were offered with announcements of a current issue materials, the archive of exclusive articles from the newspaper with black and white photography. Internet, conquering the territory in Kazakhstanis’ everyday life, was associated with a low-speed modem and a Dial-up connection.

An updated online version of «Info-Tses» newspaper was introduced in 2008. A full-length clone of a printed version did not only provide current news and interesting articles, but also included advertising sections. The first feedback method was introduced by providing an opportunity for the readers to ask any question regarding actual problems of the city that were forwarded to the state authorities.

A new day, stepping by leaps and bounds, sets new rules. Traditional media types need to consider those readers who prefer the rustle of newsprint and the smell of printing ink; and others whose only source of information is a Smartphone or a Tablet PC. But the newspaper not only optimizes the materials representation and delivery. Starting from 2012, «Info-Tses» web-site ‘went to the free swimming’. Now an online version has efficient information about the capital and the whole Kazakhstan. Correspondents deliver exclusive materials from the regions. Moreover, an audience number is also increasing: about 50 thousand unique users visited the web-site per week in April 2012.

New to come — new services and offerings for readers and advertisers of the capital.

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