Local scientists developed a unique 'formula' of a healthy food product



Local scientists developed a unique 'formula' of a healthy food product

Not everything we eat is equally good for our health. Ironically, this banal truth has become clear to traders just recently. It took years of fast food consumption, obesity, early myocardial and late diabetes to return to the roots of healthy nutrition.

A consumer not immediately took up dieting, food «body purifiers» and chose an organic product. A dilemma between «delicious» and «healthy» is more and more outweghing towards the second option. The success in dieting and food industry is reached when these two options are combined. Such product was developed by the capital Medical Academy scientists and «Tsesna-Astyk» Concern started its producing.

— «Bapol» is produced out from pure bran of a particular size, — Dr. Sergey Lysenkov says, professor of Medicine, the director of «Health Products» NGO, operating at «Tsesna-Astyk». Bran’s healthy features have been known for a long time. But they are healthy not for everything. We picked up bran around thirty years ago and made a research regarding what size of bran is assimilated by any body without its irritation. As a result, we chose an optimal size of bran pieces that are healthy for every body. This was our first know-how.

Then, young scientists had a thought and made a decision: what if a piece of bran has holes therefore it absorbs more wasted products — as a sponge? How to make holes in such a tiny particle of bran? They started seeking a decision — and found it: if bran is moisturized and then subject to high temperatures, particles start «exploding» and become perforated. And then this perforated particle, or a «Bapol» piece «enters a body». And then the miracles began which scientists didn’t even consider.
Scientific research revealed that «Bapol» is a perfect food for useful microbes in the lower third of intestines that prevent dysbiosis. They start to multiply! But the main thing is that they produce Vitamin B. It is vital to mention that the best vitamins are those that are produced by the microbes, not artificial ones that enter the body with food — there is such mechanism.

Further researched showed that those people who consume «Bapol» do not need other Vitamins any more!

But this is not all. It is known that 75% of our immunity is concentrated in intestines. Cells that produce immunity are located around the intestines. So, it was found that when passing intestines, «Bapol» slightly irritates it and consequently immunity is stimulated. This feature helps in different deseases cure: including neurodermatitis, children’s infectious deseases. In case of diabetes blood sugar is becoming normal more quickly, cholesterol becomes «better». There are many more healthy features, but first of all «Bapol» is a food product. Even Hippocrates used to say that «Good food is the best medicine».

«Bapol» is a special highly technical product of grain processing from the top «aleurone» layer of grain which is rich in dietary fiber, microelements and vitamins.

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